I just wanna be successful..

I can’t fucking believe I’m here. And the first feeling of 2014, disappointment.

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It’s been a while..

Quite a while now since i’ve been on my tumblr. And honestly i don’t even know why I’m here. actually i do, cause i’m bored. but usually when i’m bored i would be spending my time on my ipad watching my favorite manga/anime one piece. The past 4 months, since that seems to be the last time i posted something, i’ve been isolated/mia from numbers of people that i would talk to and see on a regular basis. i devote my time  spending with my loving girlfriend, work, and of course.., my grandma. And that leads me to think how you can look back at yesterday and how nothing really changes. but when you look back maybe a month, or years from now, how things can change so much. Grandma, i know you work so hard to put the food on the table for me and your other grandchildren. I swear i hope to succeed as soon as possible to let you watch me grow and become a fine man with a well paid job to have you sit back and relax. just wait for me a bit more.i love you. I’d give my life for my two ladies in a heartbeat. leonila, i hope you know i love you very much. Right now, for me, i want to be stronger. physically. i want to be better. physically and mentally. School is going to be rough as its always been. I’m not getting any younger so i need to continue on keeping myself in shape. working out. Hopefully it will be a good basketball season with the asian league that i got in. But how frustrating is it that the first game is coming so close and my leg isn’t quite 100 yet. Respect to those who fight the frustration in injuries that changes you for the rest of your life. but can still make yourself better and fighting through it. Seems like everybody is growing and everybody is leaving. My circle of friends gets smaller and smaller. maybe its just me. being a turtle who haven’t really pull his head out of the shell yet. I remember in school how they talked and mentioned about how important it is to build connection and what not. but basically what they were saying is just be popular. or a better way of saying it, be able to talk to people. I don’t know if i can do that as well anymore. Just a random rambling at 4 in the morning. Before my third year of school. Before me turning 21 in december. Before i change myself physically. my mind keeps jumping on different thoughts. Til next time i guess.